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  FileMatch is a DonationWare file compare utility which will compare 2 files: a driver file and a target file. FileMatch will read the driver file and extract the corresponding records off of the target file. You can specify up to 8 pairs of keys on each file to determine the columns which will be used for the compare.

FileMatch will also find all driver records that do NOT exist on the target.

New! Now with a Windows interface!


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FileMatch runs on Windows only at this time. if you need an MVS or CMS version, drop me a line. If you need a Mac or Unix version, it may be quicker to write your own. ;-)


For installation instructions, see the
readme.txt file.

Download and Support

If you have any problems installing or using FileMatch, shoot me an email and I'll try my best to help you.

Click here to Download the latest copy <====

And don't forget, FileMatch is SHAREWARE, so please register your copy!

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