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Obituary of John Michael Aylor

died December 24, 1914, Table Rock, Nebraska

This entire page was provided by Pam Petersen

JOHN MICHAEL AYLOR was born in Augusta Co., West Virginia October 13, 1828 and died at the home of his son Norris December 24, 1914 at the age of 86 years 2 months and 11 days. In 1832 he went with his parents to Madison Co Ohio. In 1850 he was united in marriage to Eleanor Knipe Norris who departed this life on February 24 of this year. In 1852 they moved to Van Buren Co. Iowa, where they lived for 35 years and reared their family. To this union eleven children were born, six boys and five girls, two boys dying in infancy. They came to Nebraska in 1887 since the death of his wife he has made his home with his children. His health has been gradually failing for several months and Sunday afternoon all realized that the end was near and at ten minutes of 8 o'clock he quietly passed away. In 1869 he united with the Baptist church and has ever been true to his faith in Christ. After coming to Table Rock he united with the Christian church of which he was a faithful attendant as long as his health would permit. He leaves nine children who mourn his going, also 44 grandchildren and 33 great grandchildren who cherish his memory. The children are as follows: Mrs. Thomas McIntosh of Humboldt, Mrs. M.H. Irwin, Mrs. John Covault, Mrs. Dallas Mort, Mrs Case Davis, Mr. John and Norris Aylor of Table Rock, William Aylor of Napier, Mo., and Henry Aylor of Van Buren Co., Iowa.

Here is my thinking about information found on the census records.

Ohio, 1850, Madison County, Monroe Township, lines 32-38

John Aylor, age 49 born Virginia
Carlotty, age 46 born Virginia
Elizabeth, age 22 born Virginia
Daniel, age 19 born Ohio
Hannah, age 16 born Ohio
Absolum, age 13 born Ohio
Mary, age 11 born Ohio

Ohio, 1850, Madison County, Monroe Township, lines 39-40

John M. Aylor, age 21 born Virginia
Eleanor, age 17, born Ohio

It seems likely that John and John M. are father and son (or least least closely related). I need to find a marriage record for John and Charlotte to see if she is a first wife, etc.

Iowa, 1860, Appanoose County, Washington Township, page 584, lines 5-11

John Aylor, age 58 born Virginia
Charlotte, age 56 born Virginia
Wm H., age 19 born Ohio

Also listed in same home are:

Sylvestor Bowen age 26, born Ohio
Hannah Bowen, age 25 born Ohio
Mary, age 4 born Ohio
Ida E. age 2 born Ohio

I believe Hannah to be the daughter of John and Charlotte Aylor.

Iowa, 1860, Appanoose County, Washington Township, page 584, lines 1-4

Wm W. Bowen, age 22 born Ohio
Mary, age 21 born Ohio
Celia M. age 2 born Ohio
Malifsa, age 9 months born Ohio

I believe Mary to be the daughter of John and Charlotte Aylor

Again living next door and ages match up to the 1850 census.

Iowa, 1860, Van Buren County, Van Buren Township, page 531, lines 7-12

J. M. Ailer, age 32 born Virginia
Eleanor, age 28, born Ohio
James H. age 9 born Ohio
Margaret, age 8 born Iowa
Georginia, age 2 born Iowa

Iowa, 1870, Van Buren County, Jackson Township, page 287 lines 6-13

Wallace Bowen, age 32, born Ohio
Mary , age 31 born Ohio
Cecelia, age 12 born Iowa
Melisa age 11, born Iowa
Georgia, age 9 born Iowa
William J, age 7 born Iowa
Alexandrer age 3 born Iowa
Ellen, age 2 born Iowa

lines 21-28

Luther Bowen, age 37 born Ohio
Hannah, age 36 born Ohio
Mary age 14 born Iowa
Silas age 7 born Iowa (twins)
Sarah age 7 born Iowa
George, age 5 born Iowa
John age 2 born Iowa
Charlotte Aylor, age 66 born Virginia

Mary and Hannah sisters, their mother Chalotte. Father presumed dead.

Iowa, 1870, VanBuren County, Chequest Township, page 24 Lines 16-24

John M. Aylor, age 42 born Virginia
Eleanor age 37, born Ohio
James H. age 19, born Ohio
Margaret, age 17, born Iowa
Georgia, age 12, born Iowa
Zella B, age 7 born Iowa
Elle M. age 5 born Iowa
Mary E age 3 born Iowa
John L age 3 months born Iowa

Iowa, 1880, Van Buren County, Chequest Township, page 6, Lines 38-45

John M. Aylor, age 51 born Virginia
Eleanor K. age 47 born Ohio
Zella B age 17 born Iowa
Ella M age 15 born Iowa
Mary E age 13 born Iowa
John L age 10 born Iowa
William age 7 born Iowa
Alvy N age 4 born Iowa

I would like to add some more information about the family of John and Charlotte Aylor.

The Ohio 1850 census , Madison County, Monroe Township, page 290 also lists

George H. Aylar age 24 born Virginia
Lavina age 18 born Ohio

I believe him to also be their son. This would correspond to the Ohio 1840 census and my previous data leaving only a missing daughter.

Again, then in 1860 the Iowa census for Van Buren County, Chequest Township, page 552 lists

George Ailer, age 30 born Ohio
Elvina age 28 born Ohio
Mary age 8 born Ohio
John W age 6 born Ohio
David age 4 born Ohio
Sarah age 2 born Iowa
Hannah E age 8 months born Iowa

Even though the state of birth says Ohio I still think this is the same George. With John M and Eleanor nearby in the same county and both moving from Ohio to Iowa at the same time I believe them to be brothers.

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