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Here are some of Jeff's favorite links

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Cool Software

  • Kedit- Xedit for Windows. I can't live without it.
  • V - the File Viewer Combination file viewer and Explorer replacement - you'll never go back to Explorer after using V.
  • Treepad Organize your data.
  • CalendarScope Organize your life.
  • IrfanView is a pretty decent, freeware picture viewer. Similar to ACDSee, not as fast, but free.
  • The ultimate Bible study program. And its Free! e-Sword
  • GPS Utility is a GPS tool for working with your own topo maps.
  • WinAmp - a great media tool - I use it for all my MP3s.
  • Desktop Ruler is a neat tool for measuring pixels and inches on your screen. Handy if you do any graphics work.
  • CompareIt! - a really cool file comparison tool.


Under Construction. Check back often for new links!